Membership is available to any former student of any course at Lady Mabel College.

Membership is £7.50 p.a. up to 31/12/23. Afterwards £25 p.a. payable on January 1st each year.

  • A newsletter in November giving members an update about the Association
  • The college magazine in February / March
  • Notification about the AGM in May, and the right to vote on issues on the agenda

If you are interested in joining the association please contact the Secretary.

The magazine is sent to all paid-up members, containing news of members, information about the Association and the Reunion, photographs and interesting contributions by members.

The reunions are always very well attended, most enjoyable, and not at all formal. Students and staff have a chance to get together again.

Reunions are on the third Monday in May at Wentworth Woodhouse every year.

Application forms and information are sent out to existing members by the secretary in March. Old students of Lady Mabel College are very welcome to join us by contacting the secretary here.
A programme for the day will be sent to members in March each year